Is that a wild hipster deer wearing eyewear bands made of high quality Peruvian fabric accented with real vegetable-tanned leather and secured with real antler? Are you serious?! This is what 'Merica is all about! And you can get your own for just $25. So yes, we think you should pick up a pair right now.
Made with premium fabrics and genuine leather, ZUMA's are the perfect way to keep your eyewear connected to you.
Ok so these guys aren't ripping up Lamborghini interiors to make wallets, but they are using the same material used by Lambo, Maserati, and Porsche limited editions to make these handsome wallets. The wallet features an elastic strip down the center to allow room for 1 or 10+ cards, a card vent at the bottom to keep it clean when many cards are inserted, and, of course, a totally baller fabric. Pick one up before Christmas through the Kickstarter campaign here.
Made from Lamborghini seat material, intelligently designed, and field tested for a full 12 months.
Now this is awesome. A calendar that depicts the entire year on a single timeline. This method of calendaring is fascinating because it perfectly aligns with our natural perception of time. After all, when is the last time you visualized time as a spreadsheet? Nah, dog, time is linear. The Linear Calendar.
The first calendar to depict an entire year on a single, uninterrupted timeline.
Remember when you were a teenager just beginning to drive and you had the sneaking feeling that your parents would somehow know if you were speeding, or taking corners too fast, or going somewhere you shouldn't? Well now it's a reality. But it's a very cool reality, with automatic texts sent each time you get close to picking up your carpool buddy, automatically tracking trip costs for business travel, tracking and managing fuel costs, and automatically scheduling maintenance. For $139 you get the sensor and the app. 
Fuse gives your car a voice, connecting it with your world. Your car, your data, your way.
This is a speaker set, and those stainless steel plates on the front aren't just for aesthetics - those are actually the equivalent to a speaker cone. The guys behind the project have re-engineered how a speaker typically functions in order to give a much thinner profile for speakers with a lot of punch. Starting at $175 and only 8 days left.
A unique desktop speaker system for people who like nice things. Crafted from solid alder and stainless steel.
The Muse clock is a reminder that there is no past nor future - only now - and that "now" should be enjoyed. The hour, minute, and second hands are replaced with a unique faceplate, the three interacting with each other as the clock rotates to create a very unique time telling experience. The housing is a 15" aluminum frame topped with a glass face, and the clock is powered by a high-torque continuous sweep movement. Starting at $105.
Make Every Moment Beautiful
The device you see on that happy woman's face is a virtual reality imaging technology. The two boxes on top of the glasses are projectors which create stereoscopic images without the aid of 3D glasses (or anatomical alterations). We think this is a big deal. The project launched a few hours ago and has already raised $74,690, which is social validation enough for us!
castAR: bridging the physical world with the virtual worlds; 3D holographic like projections in AR, fully immersive environments in VR
Thomas Edison once said he never wanted to invent something that people didn't want to buy. One way to make sure you're following his sound philosophy is to re-invent something people already buy. The Clipbook ($25) is just such an invention, replacing the clipboard we've all known and hated for so long with a much better designed tool that accomplishes the same purpose plus a little extra.
The durability and protection of a hardcover book. The natural flipping motion of a notepad. New, yet so familiar.
These shoe laces aren't your typical leather strip that will come untied six times per day. They're treated with a proprietary substance that makes the leather stick to itself better to keep the laces from coming undone, though you can't feel it on your skin. The laces come in red with silver metal tips, black with gold tips, or brown with bronze tips.
Bamboo speakers never looked so dang good, did they? Now starting at just $75, Adam Schwarts and his team are changing the way retail works by offering an incredibly high quality product at a ridiculously reasonable price. The speaker set utilizes "APT-X best-in-class audio decompression software, 1.5” drivers utilizing Rare Earth Magnets and Dual 1.75” Passive bass radiators in airtight compartments" to deliver incredible sound quality. Check out the campaign to snag a set before the early bird rewards are all taken!
A thoughtfully crafted 100% bamboo bluetooth speaker with a natural vibe.