These pictures are from two separate Kickstarter campaigns, launched on Kickstarter on May 15th and May 23rd, respectively. Both products are mudguards for bicycle rear wheels, both roll up to retract when not in use, and both fit any bike post. Remarkably similar, though the first project seems to have required a lot more development time (three years) and cost. It's still too early to tell how this will turn out (unless Facebook shares are any indication - the first project has 1,850 and the second 3,296), but both are currently trending toward around $80,000.
Plume is a recoiling mudguard for your bike. It looks sleek when in use, and recoils when you don't need it around.
Smart and elegant solution for protecting your back when riding on wet and muddy roads.
Unfortunately, this project isn't going to make it unless some kind of miracle occurs. Which does, happen, so it's possible. But unlikely. It's a BBQ starter that blows air on your coals, wood, etc. so you don't have to, which dramatically shortens the lighting time required (10 minutes for a charcoal grill).

The really terrible thing about this impending failure is that these guys have obviously spent tons of time (3+ years) and money developing this product. It's painful to watch this kind of thing happen. They're convinced that this is a phenomenal product and that the target market is big enough to make this into a company doing millions of dollars per year, but it seems that the reality is people just don't want it. They should have figured that out years ago. Trending toward $86,043, which is great, but it's more likely to end with far less than that, and their goal is $100,000. You can pick one up through their campaign for $42.
The USB rechargeable fire starter that accelerates and controls the heat of all kinds of fires. Starts charcoal faster than a chimney.
This product, which the creator has run three KickStarter campaigns for (1, 2, 3), was just featured on Shark Tank! We love it when that happens because it gives a chance to see more of the story. First of all, the first KickStarter campaign failed to reach its $7,500 goal, pulling in only $2,867. The second campaign, however, did $10,154 and the third finished with $8,673. This guy is tenacious. On Shark Tank the hilarious product creator said his total sales were around 7,000 units, roughly 1,200 of which we estimated to have come from the KickStarter campaigns. Also interesting, the second campaign had only 360 backers whereas the third had 544, but the second raised almost $2,000 more... it also priced the product higher at $20, whereas the third priced them at $12, so maybe it's better to go high on price for KickStarter.

As for the product, it's a must-have. You know you already hold your iPad with your hand cupped on the side to redirect the sound forward, so you might as well hire the SoundBender to do it for you for just $12. If you use it for 20 hours, that's like paying it $0.60 per hour for its valuable service. We haven't seen hourly wage costs that low since indentured servitude, so take advantage of this one. You can buy a SoundBender here.
SoundBender™ instantly amplifies iPad sound. Compact, magnetic & power-free, it's a must-have accessory for on the go or any time!
This is a chart of the top five KickStarter projects in each category, the sum of the funds raised from the top five in each category, and the % of projects that are successful in each category. We thought it quite interesting and hope you will too. Click on the image for a bigger pic.
This project did $77,434 on KickStarter in May 2011, and the founders were just on Shark Tank asking for another $300k. They didn't give sales numbers, but it sounds like they're doing very well. They wound up with three offers and eventually took an offer from Lori Greiner for $300k in exchange for 15%.
Urbio, the magically magnetic urban vertical garden.
These coffee cooler / warmer things were on KickStarter a while ago and generated $306,944. The guys behind the project have made a business out of it and were just on Shark Tank! Very cool to see more of the process. Also, they mentioned on Shark Tank that last year (2012?) their total sales were $575,000. Interesting to note that their KickStarter campaign accounted for 53% of the year's revenue in just 30 days. Go crowdfunding!